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Lets Play a Game: ‘Fantasy Restaurant Menu’

A bit of fun today. ¬†Nothing too serious ūüôā

Now and again I drift off into my own little world. ¬†My imagination runs wild and the world is for the taking. ¬†Suddenly I can imagine a life where I can make all my dreams come true! Start my own business, write a book, travel the world or cook something so incredible that people queue hours to eat at my restaurant. ¬†Perhaps it’s hope more than anything but I think we all have these moments and it’s great! ¬†At least I hope so or I am starting to sound very strange. ¬†Our imagination makes everything possible so why not right?

Well today I had one of these moments. ¬†It started with me just thinking about what I fancied to eat. ¬†Then I thought about what I might have if I could have anything I liked. ¬†Doesn’t matter where from or who cooked it…. ¬†I could ask for it and it would be here. ¬†I had trouble choosing and so I started to think about what it would be like if I could eat all my favourite food, everything I have ever tried and loved or am yet to try in one place. ¬†One unbelievable, mouth watering and perfect restaurant.

Sounds great right?!  I bet your starting to think about what you would choose right now.

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Cooking: Pulled Pork (Not Barbecued)

One of my¬†favourites when it comes to cooking BBQ-ish food at home is pulled pork. ¬†Although I am certain that cooking something like this would be better on the smoker/barbecue, it isn’t always possible. ¬†I know that many of the people reading this will barbecue rain or shine and although I will if the mood takes me… Most people wouldn’t.

¬†I would like to make it clear at this point that I am no expert in the kitchen or on the barbecue. ¬†I am only a keen cook with a good love for barbecue food and these recipes only detail how I cook this particular meal. ¬†If you have any tips or suggestions that might improve the recipe, I am more than happy to hear them. In any case, this is a great way to cook it at home. ¬†Primarily because it’s pretty simple to make and the end results are delicious.

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Cooking: My Favourite Barbecue Sauce

This recipe is not my own. ¬†I originally made it following a recipe for barbecue sauce used by Chef Tom Kerridge. ¬†I have adapted it a little depending on what it will be used for. ¬†Use less liquid if your just making it as a regular sauce. ¬†Follow the recipe below for a glaze or marinade. The reason I probably like this sauce so much is that it packs a punch. ¬†It isn’t healthy in the slightest but it tastes damn good. ¬†It’s strong, tangy yet sweet with a little bit of spice for a kick. ¬†I would definitely suggest that you at least give this a go.

So this is what you need to make it.

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Cooking: Barbecue Glazed Pork Ribs (Not Barbecued)

In this blog I have decided to show you just one of the ways I might cook¬†barbecue ribs when cooking on the barbecue is not an option. ¬†Some of you might say that using the barbecue is always an option, rain or shine you would use it but… most people wouldn’t necessarily share that opinion. ¬†Personally, I would love to use the barbecue whenever possible but I don’t when it’s too cold. ¬†If I had a smoker I would probably use that more often. ¬†I am in the process of building one and you can see how that is progressing by clicking here.

So here’s my barbecue pork ribs.

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Sawyers Bar and Grill – Magor, Newport: The Ribs and The Pulled Pork Burger

This is the first ‘review’ of an independent restaurant posted on The Munch and Tattle and probably the only one that will be of a restaurant in Newport, South Wales for a long time. ¬†I will review both the ribs and the pulled pork burger from Sawyers Bar and Grill.

¬†Although there are places to eat in Newport, there aren’t too many stand out places that everyone loves to go for good quality food and in particular, barbecue and grill.

Sawyers Bar and Grill only opened it’s doors on 22nd of August, 2014 and I didn’t wait long to have a go. ¬†Sawyers bar and Grill is really the only place in Newport¬†serving this type of food. Continue reading Sawyers Bar and Grill – Magor, Newport: The Ribs and The Pulled Pork Burger