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Lets Play a Game: ‘Fantasy Restaurant Menu’

A bit of fun today. ¬†Nothing too serious ūüôā

Now and again I drift off into my own little world. ¬†My imagination runs wild and the world is for the taking. ¬†Suddenly I can imagine a life where I can make all my dreams come true! Start my own business, write a book, travel the world or cook something so incredible that people queue hours to eat at my restaurant. ¬†Perhaps it’s hope more than anything but I think we all have these moments and it’s great! ¬†At least I hope so or I am starting to sound very strange. ¬†Our imagination makes everything possible so why not right?

Well today I had one of these moments. ¬†It started with me just thinking about what I fancied to eat. ¬†Then I thought about what I might have if I could have anything I liked. ¬†Doesn’t matter where from or who cooked it…. ¬†I could ask for it and it would be here. ¬†I had trouble choosing and so I started to think about what it would be like if I could eat all my favourite food, everything I have ever tried and loved or am yet to try in one place. ¬†One unbelievable, mouth watering and perfect restaurant.

Sounds great right?!  I bet your starting to think about what you would choose right now.

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