Lets Play a Game: ‘Fantasy Restaurant Menu’

A bit of fun today. ¬†Nothing too serious ūüôā

Now and again I drift off into my own little world. ¬†My imagination runs wild and the world is for the taking. ¬†Suddenly I can imagine a life where I can make all my dreams come true! Start my own business, write a book, travel the world or cook something so incredible that people queue hours to eat at my restaurant. ¬†Perhaps it’s hope more than anything but I think we all have these moments and it’s great! ¬†At least I hope so or I am starting to sound very strange. ¬†Our imagination makes everything possible so why not right?

Well today I had one of these moments. ¬†It started with me just thinking about what I fancied to eat. ¬†Then I thought about what I might have if I could have anything I liked. ¬†Doesn’t matter where from or who cooked it…. ¬†I could ask for it and it would be here. ¬†I had trouble choosing and so I started to think about what it would be like if I could eat all my favourite food, everything I have ever tried and loved or am yet to try in one place. ¬†One unbelievable, mouth watering and perfect restaurant.

Sounds great right?!  I bet your starting to think about what you would choose right now.

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Sunday I tested my smoker for the first time.  This is how it looks at the moment.


Ok… It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world but I do believe with a lick of paint it will scrub up quite nice. ¬†But¬†who really cares what it looks like?!

I thought that it might be finished but… unfortunately I discovered it was not. ¬†I have, however, learned some lessons and by next week it will be ready.

This was the first time I have had an entire day on the weekend to really knuckle down and get some work done on the smoker. ¬† Here’s what happened.


Cooking: Pulled Pork (Not Barbecued)

One of my¬†favourites when it comes to cooking BBQ-ish food at home is pulled pork. ¬†Although I am certain that cooking something like this would be better on the smoker/barbecue, it isn’t always possible. ¬†I know that many of the people reading this will barbecue rain or shine and although I will if the mood takes me… Most people wouldn’t.

¬†I would like to make it clear at this point that I am no expert in the kitchen or on the barbecue. ¬†I am only a keen cook with a good love for barbecue food and these recipes only detail how I cook this particular meal. ¬†If you have any tips or suggestions that might improve the recipe, I am more than happy to hear them. In any case, this is a great way to cook it at home. ¬†Primarily because it’s pretty simple to make and the end results are delicious.

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Cooking: My Favourite Barbecue Sauce

This recipe is not my own. ¬†I originally made it following a recipe for barbecue sauce used by Chef Tom Kerridge. ¬†I have adapted it a little depending on what it will be used for. ¬†Use less liquid if your just making it as a regular sauce. ¬†Follow the recipe below for a glaze or marinade. The reason I probably like this sauce so much is that it packs a punch. ¬†It isn’t healthy in the slightest but it tastes damn good. ¬†It’s strong, tangy yet sweet with a little bit of spice for a kick. ¬†I would definitely suggest that you at least give this a go.

So this is what you need to make it.

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Cooking: Barbecue Glazed Pork Ribs (Not Barbecued)

In this blog I have decided to show you just one of the ways I might cook¬†barbecue ribs when cooking on the barbecue is not an option. ¬†Some of you might say that using the barbecue is always an option, rain or shine you would use it but… most people wouldn’t necessarily share that opinion. ¬†Personally, I would love to use the barbecue whenever possible but I don’t when it’s too cold. ¬†If I had a smoker I would probably use that more often. ¬†I am in the process of building one and you can see how that is progressing by clicking here.

So here’s my barbecue pork ribs.

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The Filing Cabinet Smoker: The Build – Part 1

 So I have owned this filing cabinet for some time.  I have always had the idea that it would someday be turned into a barbecue smoker.  Time, money and the fact I have no idea what I am doing have all been factors preventing me from going forward with it.

February is the month I am finally going to get it done.¬†¬†Most of you might just say “why don’t you just buy one?”. ¬†I have considered doing just that but the main reason I haven’t is the cost. ¬†If I am going to buy something like that I would want a good one and the good ones are certainly not cheap. ¬†Secondly… Where is the fun in that?! I’m more interested in finding out whether or not this will actually work. ¬†Ill keep a track of how much this costs too and see how it compares. ¬†So far…. it has cost me ¬£22.47 for the thermometer. ¬†Think of this as an experiment or research. ¬†Making slight improvements each month, maybe it will someday be a really great smoker (although I doubt it). ¬†I know that it is unlikely to be the best smoker in the world but I am hoping that with a little help here and there from those who know what they are talking about, I might be able to cook a half decent brisket. ¬†THAT… is the dream.

I am certain that many of you reading this will have fantasied about the possibility of smoking your own meat. ¬†Many of you already have. ¬†Whether it be a pork shoulder for pulled pork that melts in your mouth, barbecued ribs where the meat falls off the bone¬†or juicy and tender brisket… everybody loves this stuff. ¬†Maybe… If it isn’t a total disaster – I might just inspire you to build your own.

This is part 1. ¬†I am going to treat this as a series – posting weekly updates and if you want to keep up to date… follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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Cooking: Fried Chicken!

Today I cooked some fried chicken. ¬†I’ve been desperate to cook something and since it’s harder to cook barbecue in the winter I decided to make something easily prepared indoors.

Why fried chicken? ¬†Well first of all it’s relatively easy. ¬†I don’t and will never claim to be making fried chicken as well as the likes of @motherclucker¬†but for those of you who would like to make something really tasty at home before your next trip to your favourite chicken place… this might be a good place to start. ¬†The good thing about this is it can be adapted to pretty much anything you want.

So what will you need?

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The Stuffed Dormouse: Exotic Meat Kebab

So this is my ‘review’ of the Exotic Meat Kebab from The Stuffed Dormouse in Caerleon. ¬†This was actually a Christmas present to me from a friend. ¬†I can’t say that I have ever tried any of the exotic meats on this menu so it was definitely an experience.

First of all lets have a look at what is on offer:

“We offer various exotic meats including:

Buffalo Steak

Camel Rib-eye

Crocodile Fillet

Llama Steak

Ostrich Steak

Reindeer Fillet

Springbok Steak

Zebra Steak

If you are feeling adventurous you can sample a piece of each of the exotic meats on our famous King-size Skewer.

All of the exotic meats are served with salad and a choice of potatoes.”

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Lilo Newport: Chicken Shawarma, Grilled Halloumi Cheese and Chicken Wings.

Today I am going to ‘review’ Lilo Newport, Grill House & Juice Bar. ¬†Lilo Newport is a restaurant/takeaway serving authentic middle eastern food. ¬†The reviews I have read give a positive impression of the restaurant and the food looked good so I gave it a go.

First of all lets discuss what I ordered and how it is described on the menu.

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Frankie and Bennys: Breakfast Pizza

Today I am continuing my breakfast series and reviewing the Breakfast Pizza at Frankie and Bennys.

As discussed in a previous blog I wouldn’t normally blog about a big chain restaurant like this but if I enjoy the food, I will blog about it.

One of the main reasons I wanted to write about this pizza was, it is more unusual than the ‘Great Full English Breakfast’. ¬†Whilst the ‘Big Breakfast’ offered at Frankie and Bennys does not compete with my English Breakfast, the Breakfast Pizza is a great alternative. ¬†But, is it better than the¬†‘Great Full English Breakfast’?


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