NY3Q2Xi2My name is Tomos (@MrNewland66), a lover of food based around Newport and Cardiff, South Wales.  With a particular emphasis on (but not limited to) street food and barbecue, I will try everything once and tell you all about it. Good or bad!

I like trying new things and exploring food.  There’s so much out there to try and it makes sense to write about it and let everyone else know what it was like.  Maybe… I can find some of the less well known establishments of the culinary world and bring them to your attention in the process.

Now and again I might blog about other food related topics.  Expect blog posts discussing places I would like to visit, recommendations of other blogs, equipment reviews, a smoker build and maybe even a review of a food related book.  I also love cooking and so you should expect to see a couple of blog posts where I have attempted to create my own culinary inventions inspired by the amazing food I eat.

If nothing else,  this is a great excuse for me to eat the food I love!

A Blog About Food (Mostly BBQ and Grill): Trying everything once and telling you all about it. Good or bad! Blogging from areas around Newport and Cardiff, South Wales.