9a11957a-1ee3-4235-a838-bcc1c69ef80eMy name is Tomos Newland-Jones (@MrNewland66), a lover of food from South Wales.  With a particular emphasis on street food and barbecue, I will try everything once and tell you all about it. Good or bad!

I love cooking so expect most of my posts to describe my journey through a particular cook.  I wouldn’t call them recipes because I rarely give specifics.  You should also expect blog posts discussing places I would like to visit, recommendations, equipment reviews, a smoker build and maybe a review of a food related book.

I like trying new things and exploring food.  There’s so much out there and I just wish I could try it all.   All I’m doing on this blog is trying what I can, experimenting and describing my experience.  Hopefully, through all of this I can discover something really interesting and share it for others to enjoy too.

More than anything else, this is a great excuse for me to eat and cook the food I love!

A Blog About Food (Mostly BBQ and Grill): Trying everything once and telling you all about it. Good or bad! Blogging from areas around Newport and Cardiff, South Wales.