Epic Steak With Meater +

I have been eyeing up the Meater thermometer for quite some time. The idea that I can monitor a cook remotely without any wires and from anywhere in the world seemed fantastic. The Application seemed very intuitive with some fantastic features too. Not only could I track the progress of my cook from my phone but the app would also predict how quickly the meat would take to cook. I had an opportunity to get a discount on the newer Meater + with increased range and decided to take the plunge.

Now I know the Meater can be used for any cut of meat but for me it seemed as though it’s ability to ensure the perfect steak every time seemed the most important. I had to cook an incredible steak to really see what it’s capable of.

A quick trip to Chris Hayman Butchers and I had a fantastic ribeye steak on the bone to put the Meater through it’s paces. Aged approximately 6 weeks I knew this steak at the potential to be unbelievable provided I didn’t mess things up.

The plan was to reverse sear. Cook the steak indirectly until the steak is almost up to temperature and then sear right at the end just to crisp it up and get the crust formed. A simple plan but something can always go wrong.

The Meater + worked exactly as it should. The steak was looking great already. The colour on the fat was incredible. I had a little reminder a few minutes before the steak was cooked and that’s when I threw the steak over to the hot side. A couple minutes on each side, another few minutes resting and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

This was almost definitely the best steak I have ever eaten. The flavour was intense beef and the fat just melted in your mouth. The meat was beautifully tender and yes… I ate this entire steak to myself. In my defence there were no sides or accompaniments.

There are two things to take from this most as a reader. First of all, the Meater + worked brilliantly. Granted, this is the first time I’ve used the Meater + but at the very least I can guarantee a perfect steak with this thermometer. Second of all, go to your butcher and treat yourself to some well aged British beef steaks. You won’t regret it.

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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