Chicken Wings

These wings weren’t cooked on the barbecue tonight but I did use some of my fantastic rubs and sauces. Those include the Jack’s Meat Shack Meat Dust and the BryBeque Original BBQ sauce. I did two different batches of wings. Both originally dusted with the Jack’s Meat Shack Meat dust. One set was then served in my quick ‘sort of’ buffalo sauce. The other set with the BryBeque Original BBQ sauce.

First thing I did was put all of the chicken wings into a big bowl and dust them all in the Jack’s Meat Shack Meat Dust. I’ve had this less than a week but have wanted to try it out as soon as I could. I guess you might think it’s just the same as most other rubs. This rub has one major difference. No sugar. I do like most of my barbecue to have a little sweetness but I don’t think it’s essential. The caramelisation of the herbs, spices and fats in the food often provide enough sweetness. No sugar also has the obvious health benefits. If you do need the sweetness then you can always put that back in with a sauce later.


Once the wings had marinaded for a while I put them all in the oven in two separate trays. After around 30 minutes I took one tray of wings out of the oven and coated liberally in the BryBeque BBQ sauce. This sauce is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy for me. Just how I like it. Remind me to buy some more! I put that back in and took the second tray of wings out to brush with a little oil. Just to stop them drying out in the oven.


While the wings finished cooking I started on my ‘sort of’ buffalo sauce. very simple to make but really tasty. One big tablespoon of Jack’s Meat Shack Meat Dust. Yes you could use a different rub but this worked for me. A large knob of butter. A decent squeeze of Siracha. A tiny splash of cider vinegar. I can’t be any more precise than that because I’ve never measured it. You should probably try it out and simply adjust the amounts to your own taste. Combine all of that together in a saucepan and it’s done. Beautifully silky smooth, spicy but buttery ‘sort of’ buffalo chicken sauce. Tastes great!

After another 10-15 minutes the wings were done. I served them covered in the amazing sauces and enjoyed them thoroughly. Quick, simple but so so tasty. Give these rubs and sauces a go and you will not be disappointed.



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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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