Pizza On The Ooni 2s

This was only my second cook on the fantastic Ooni 2s.  Not the latest model but certainly capable of producing some truly amazing pizza in no time at all.  I won this pizza oven in a very generous competition run by Nathan at KungFuBBQ.  You can actually get this  model relatively cheap if you know where to look.  Even the latest model is available for less than £200.  I would 100% recommend having a look if you want some really amazing pizza.  There’s not much better than fresh, home-made, wood-fired pizza.  I’ve definitely got a lot to learn but this is how today’s cook went.

This was my setup for the cook.  I did try to make everything as straight forward as possible.  Hopefully making the whole process painless.  This is also part of the reason I decided to keep toppings at a minimum.  Just sauce, chicken, onions, mushrooms and cheese.  To some that might even be too much and someday I will have to try just tomato base and mozzarella.  This was also my first cook using the Molino Grassi 00 flour.  On another level in comparison to the regular supermarket flours.  The dough was soft and very easy to stretch with the right technique.  Will try some of the Caputo flours in the future but for now this is incredibly good.

2018-10-07 15.45.12.jpg

I did have a little fan for this cook.  I’ve heard that it helps get the temperature in the oven back up between pizzas.  This one was around £3 from the shop Tiger.  Cheap and worked a treat.  Definitely helped get the temperature up more quickly.  I tried to get the temperature at least 400c and above.  I should really leave it a bit longer to make sure but I was a little impatient.


The fan definitely gets the flames rolling.  So satisfying to see.


I used an IR thermometer to ensure that the Ooni had reached the right temperature.  This ended up damaged after the first cook.  Not all of the screen works but it is still usable.  Display below shows 432.1c.


My first pizza was a disaster.  I’m not sure exactly what the problem was but it stuck to the stone when I tried to move it.  I think it may have been a combination of factors.  The dough was stretched too thin and I tried to move the pizza too soon.  I’ve decided that from now on I will make sure I keep enough dough to make extra pizzas.  Not only can I make a nice garlic pizza bread to start and a dessert.  I also have some breathing room if anything goes wrong.  Once I had finished the other pizzas I did manage to get the remains back on the Ooni and finish it off.  It still tasted great but getting it right in the first place would have been fantastic.


The next pizza was probably the best of all.  The crust was crisp and flavoursome.  The toppings were nicely spread.  I don’t think I could have really managed any better.  Perhaps getting the Ooni a little hotter would have made a difference but I certainly wasn’t disappointing.




The third pizza tasted fantastic but was a bit of an ugly duckling.  I think I had some air bubbles in the crust that crisped up very quickly.  This particular pizza had no mushrooms because one person wasn’t a fan.


The last pizza was also fantastic.  I could have crisped up one side a little more in hindsight.  The toppings could have been spread more evenly but otherwise I was happy.


In conclusion… I love the Ooni 2s.  Someday I think I would love to own the Ooni Pro but at the moment I am thoroughly enjoying this piece of equipment.  From the fantastic pizza to the fire management I can’t get enough.  I must cook more pizza!  Expect more pizza!

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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