Brybeque Rubbed Pork Ribs/Belly

I asked my butcher, Chris Hayman Butchers, for some really meaty ribs.  “Leave the belly on but remove the rind” I said.  Well I certainly got what I asked for because this slab was absolutely huge!  I considered trimming it down but then decided to just go for it and cook the whole thing.  I was excited to see how this would turn out.  Can never have too much meat right?  I had some new rubs and sauces from the fantastic local company Brybeque to try out so I thought I would give those a go.

The slab of meat was huge.  I decided not to trim it down, treating it as a bone in pork belly instead.  Next time I will definitely be asking for something smaller though.

I had recently bought a few rubs and sauces from a local company named Brybeque.  I hadn’t heard of them before stumbling across their stall at the Abergavenny Food Festival.  The branding looked fantastic and anything barbecue is always going to catch my eye.  After a quick chat to the owners and a sample of each of their products I decided to buy everything they had.  They tasted great and I do like finding something new.  I’ll Go through each of the rubs and sauces in turn but today I chose to use the Original Rub and Original BBQ sauce.

Now it was time to get the ribs cooking.  I set up the UDS temperature to around 120c and 130c for a slightly hotter cook.  I didn’t manage to get this on the smoker until around 4.30pm.  I knew this probably wasn’t the best idea with the nights drawing in but I knew I wouldn’t get an opportunity after this too cook it.  I chose to cook using mixed species hardwood charcoal from Resilient woodlands with a few chunks of maple wood.  Maple wood doesn’t impart a massively powerful smoke flavour but has a slight sweetness to it I think would compliment the pork and the rub fantastically.

After a few hours and the meat had absorbed some of that smoke flavour, I decided to wrap the pork in foil to speed up the cooking process.  This also ensures that the meat will be succulent and juicy when cooked.  After an hour or so wrapped I unwrapped the ribs again and placed them back onto the smoker with a nice slathering of Brybeque Original BBQ sauce.

By this point it was very dark outside.  I had a small torch in order to see and the photographs needed a flash to make anything out at all.

After another hour on the smoker to let the sauce set I started checking for tenderness with my Thermapen probe thermometer.  Within no time at all the ribs seemed very tender and ready to come off.

As you can see from the photographs below, the ribs themselves got lost in the amount of meat on top of them.  Despite the fact I could not eat these like ribs the flavour was great.  The pork was delicious, tender and juicy.  The rub and sauce combination was full of flavour.  The perfect balance of spicy and sweet with just enough herbs and spices to give it an extra dimension.  The next day I had enough left to cube up the meat and make the controversially named Pork Belly Burnt Ends.  With a bit more of the Brybeque rub and sauce that tasted fantastic too.

All in all the cook was very successful.  I managed to cook this giant piece of meat very well and discovered some fantastic new rubs and sauces.

I doubt many of you have tried the Brybeque rubs but I think you should give them a go.  I can 100% recommend the Brybeque rubs and sauces based upon what I have tried so far.  I’ll be trying the others over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for those in future posts.

If you do buy the rubs please let me know what you think.  Would love to hear your thoughts.

Oh and before anybody asks – I have not been asked to review these products.  I paid for them and just wanted to share the product with my readers.

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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