Simple But Amazing Pork Chops

I picked up this pork chop joint from Chris Hayman Butchers.  Normally they would be cut into separate chops but I decided to keep them together and roast it over fire.  No special rub.  No time costly brining – Which is also fantastic by the way.  Just loads of Maldon SaltResiliant Woodlands Charcoal and silver birch wood for smoke.  

I am starting to think pork is my favourite meat to cook on the barbecue.  Pork ribs are amazing.  Pulled pork is incredible.  Pork tenderloin is great with stir fry.  So many cuts are perfect cooked over fire.  Pork chops were always the one cut that I didn’t enjoy as much.  Normally overcooked, they were dry and chewy.  Cooking pork chops to the correct temperature of 64c and kissing with some smoke flavour really elevates them.  Pork chops are fast becoming one of my regular cooks on the barbecue.  They are relatively cheap too!

First thing I did was take some photographs to really showcase the fantastic looking pork.  I then cut a diamond pattern in the rind to help cook the fat and create some nice crackling.  I then rubbed the pork generously with Maldon salt.  Nothing more.

After crisping up the skin, I sealed up all of the other edges and moved to the indirect side to cook more gradually.  The pork took around an hour after that to reach 64c internal temperature.  Although I don’t really keep track of time any more.

I served the pork with a jacket potato and some home made slaw.  Red cabbage, sweetheart cabbage, apple, spring onion, lemon juice and a little mayonnaise.  The pork tasted amazing.  I couldn’t recommend good quality pork chops highly enough.  Make sure it’s top quality and it wont need any fuss.  Just flavourful, tender meat.  The photographs below just do not do them justice.  I was hungry.

Please show me your pork chop cooks.  Must be some fantastic ones out there!

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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