Lamb Rump on the Thuros T1

This post has ended up being a demonstration of how to make the most of a bad situation.  I had some fantastic lamb rump in a Mediterranean marinade from Chris Hayman Butchers ready to cook on the barbecue.  For some reason I had decided that I would cook this on the Thuros T1.  Soon after starting I realised that this wasn’t going to plan.

Normally, cooking with the Thuros T1, I have found the heat quite gentle in comparison to my other barbecues.  I now believe this might have been down to the particular species of wood charcoal I had chosen.  This time the coals were raging hot and my joint of lamb wasn’t that small.  I thought that I would have to decide whether or not to change barbecue.  The alternative being to persevere – risking burning the meat on the outside and under cooking on the inside.

I decided to persevere and do what I can to slow the cooking process.  First of all I tried moving the coals to cook the meat more indirect.  This seemed to help slightly but the coals ended up benefiting from the better airflow.

In the end I decided to wrap the lamb a couple of times in foil.  Hoping that this would protect the meat from burning I left the meat to reach temperature.  Once the lamb had reached around 52c I put the lamb aside to rest.

Thankfully, the fuss and experimentation on the Thuros paid off because the lamb was a hit.  Full of flavour and perfectly tender I couldn’t have asked for a better cook.  I think in future I will need to invest in the Thuros wind deflector so that I can raise the meat up from the coals.  In the mean time I’m happy to persevere with results like this!

_DSC4486 2

I’d love to see your cooks on the Thuros!

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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