Lemon, Ginger and Chilli Beef Skewers

Bought a couple of things from the butcher this week before he went away on a weeks holiday.  Amongst those items were these Lemon, Ginger and Chilli Beef skewers.  Prepared and marinaded at my request by Chris Hayman Butchers I was definitely looking forward to these.

I decided to use the Thuros T1 for this cook.  Haven’t used it as often as I would like.  Mainly because I don’t feel as though it gets as hot as I would like when grilling.  I struggle to get a nice char on steak for example.  I understand why the Thuros was designed that way.  Not all food can be cooked very hot and fast.  However a week or two before this cook I purchased a paddle for fanning the flames.  Reduced to one or two pounds I couldn’t leave it behind.  I wasn’t sure how well It would work but it definitely gets the coals hot if you fan them for a few seconds before putting your food on.  100% recommend something similar for your Thuros.  Or any BBQ for that matter.

The skewers themselves were prepared and marinaded at my request by Chris Hayman Butchers.  He had a few other flavours, all of which I will try at another time.  On this occasion I chose lemon, ginger and chilli.


The beef skewers cooked well on the Thuros with the occasional wave of the paddle to inject some air into the coals.  The boost in temperature did mean that the wooden skewers themselves suffered slightly.  This didn’t matter because the beef would be removed from the skewers for eating later.


To serve the meat was removed from the skewers and placed into a tortilla with a simple garden salad and Blend Bros Sugar Free Sweet Chilli Sauce.  The sauce complimented the marinade perfectly resulting in a flavoursome and light tea for a warm weekday evening.


I was worried that the beef would be a little tough once cooked but actually it was perfect.  Very tender, full of flavour and good sized chunks.  This is definitely one of those quick tasty meals that will become a regular in my house.


I’ve tried laying out my post slightly differently today.  Ordinarily I would place all of the photographs at the end of each post.  This time the pictures are amongst the text.  Let me know which you prefer.  


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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66


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