Spiced Mango & Lime Rotisserie Chicken

For quite a while I have been on the lookout for a good local butcher.  There are one or two butchers in the immediate area but in my experience the meat hasn’t been of that great quality and the selection isn’t brilliant either.   Recently I have been introduced to a butcher only a 10 to 15 minute drive from my house.  Chris Hayman Butchers is an award winning, Q Guild of Butchers butcher in Maesycwmmer, Blackwood in South Wales.  He is keen to get involved in the BBQ community and is more than willing to cater for any of my requests if it’s not already on the counter.  Butchering most of the meat from whole carcasses and ageing the meat on site.  You can a;ready tell that the quality and expertise is there from the start.

The first thing I purchased from Chris was a chicken with the intention of cooking it on the Jumbuck Rondo Rotisserie.  To go with it I picked up and purchased the Spiced Mango rub from “The Smokey Carter“.  I believe Chris is the only retailer in Wales for this rub.  I haven’t heard of them before but that is no reason not to give it a go.  The chickens are supplied by T Soanes and Son, who have won a great taste award for their red tractor high welfare birds.  Although that piece of information doesn’t mean a great deal to me, the fact that Chris was able to tell me where all of the meat in his shop has come from is fantastic.  I know that he knows his product and that all of it is going to be of great quality.  The pork in particular is from a farm in Ynysybwl, very local to his shop and it’s something I can’t wait to try.

As far as the actually cooking goes, I found the chicken far more difficult to cook on the rotisserie than the beef.  Perhaps the modifications that other people have mentioned would be beneficial for some cooks.  A wind deflector would certainly help reflect some of the heat back onto the chicken and help it cook more evenly.  I think that the uneven surface of a chicken meant that some parts heated far more quickly than others.  Nevertheless I was able to cook the chicken and it was brilliant.  Fantastically tender and succulent chicken given a nice boost in flavour by the spiced mango rub.  The rub wasn’t overly spicy.  It had a flavour not that dissimilar to an Indian korma with a fruity twist.  It was all very tasty and enjoyed by everybody who tried it.

As well as the whole chicken I also purchased two chicken thigh parcels with stuffing and wrapped in bacon.  They looked interesting so bought them to have later in the week.  Also very tasty but cooked in the oven this time and not over coals.  Pictures of those and the rotisserie chicken are shown below.

Unfortunately for you I don’t think Chris Hayman Butchers deliver their meat but if you are ever in the area I would 100% recommend that you pop in.



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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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