Angus and Oink Thai Rub and Indonesian BBQ sauce

I am a very lucky guy.  Lately I’ve won a few great items thanks to the fantastic BBQ community we have in the UK.  Including rubs and sauces, brisket and most recently an Ooni 2s pizza oven.  More to come on that in the future.  This time I was delighted to win two new products from Angus & Oink.  A Thai rub and an Indonesian BBQ sauce.  I thought these would be perfect with pork and what was in my fridge waiting to be cooked?  Pork cheeks.  Not for everyone but definitely screaming for something like this.  

There was no special technique or skill for me to share with you on this occasion.  This was all about the flavour.  I rubbed the pork cheeks and allowed them to soak up those flavours for a couple of hours before getting them on the smoker.  I haven’t been too precise with the temperatures lately but this sat around 110c.  Sometimes up to 125c.  Decided to use a few small chunks of silver birch to add a little smokiness.  Seemed to work well.  After 2-3 hours of smoke I transferred the pork cheeks to a foil tray and continued cooking low and slow until the cheeks were fall apart tender.

The rub is fantastic.  Similar to a Thai 7 spice but taken to the next level.   Would also work brilliantly with chicken or fish.  The star of the show for me was the Indonesian BBQ sauce.  Reminds me of Hoi Sin sauce but more fragrant and flavoursome.  I imagine this would also work incredibly well with the Char Sui rub also by Angus and Oink.  I think that will have to be something to try very soon.

Both the rub and sauce worked fantastically well together with these pork cheeks.  When this becomes available in the shops it will sell quickly so make sure you get your hands on some.



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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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