Butterflied Lamb Leg & Prawns Surf n’ Turf

This was one of those cooks where everyone at the table said they wanted this again soon.  Simple but utterly delicious.  There’s not much better than a lamb leg cooked hot and fast on the bbq to medium rare/ medium hot.

For this cook I definitely didn’t want to over complicate things.  I wanted the meat to do all of the talking but have some other nice flavours to back it up.   The small leg joint was rubbed with pureed garlic, salt, pepper, mixed herbs.  Started off by cooking the lamb indirect to the desired temperature.  Added a little bit of silver birch wood for an added smokiness.  Quick flash direct over the coals to crisp up the edges a little.   The prawns were cooked very simply with some herbs and butter in the Lidl cast iron Pan. Done in no time at all and tasted fantastic.  Granted this is not my best photography but trust me… it was good.   I blame the food for my impatience actually.

Sure enough I have another lamb leg in the fridge right now.  Can’t wait to have this again.


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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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