New BBQ: Thuros

I don’t know about you but sometimes it’s hard to justify using a full chimney of charcoal for just a couple of steaks. This is why many of us serious about outdoor cooking have more than one BBQ at our disposal depending on the circumstances. I already have my cheap but cheerful barrel grill and my UDS. I love them both but they are large and fuel hungry. Realising that I needed a more compact and efficient BBQ for the smaller cooks I decided to add a new member to the family.

After researching other options such as the Weber Go Anywhere and the Smokey Joe I decided the best option for me was the Thuros T1. I was drawn to this BBQ over the others because of its versatility. Although it doesn’t come with much as standard, I do have the option to add a number of accessories in the future. From a skewer attachment and a lid to a rotisserie there isn’t much a Thüros can’t do. Thankfully, due to. My limited budget, I was able to get a great deal on the slightly older model. Reassured that it performed just as well as the newest model and that all of the accessories are compatible, I placed the order and within a few days it was here. At £60 delivered and with a free bag of Thuros charcoal, I could not have been happier with my decision.

In the past month I have been putting my new BBQ to the test. It has quickly become my go to BBQ for 80% of my cooks. If I have time to cook in the kitchen, I have time to use this. From lamb steaks to chicken burgers, there’s not much I can’t do on here that I could do on the barrel grill. I just can’t wait to someday purchase the other attachments and really make the most of this fantastic bit of kit.

If you are considering adding a small BBQ to compliment your others, I can definitely recommend the Thuros T1.

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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