Reverse Sear Steak

Have you ever heard of reverse searing?  No?  Then this is the best thing you’ll learn today.  Yes?  You probably already know everything I’m about to say but by all means, read it anyway.

If like me you love steak, you probably believed you could cook a pretty incredible steak already.  You’re probably right but this method of cooking your steak will definitely take your steak to the next level.  To cook this steak I adopted two new techniques picked up from the incredible community over in the CountryWoodSmoke Facebook group.  Dry brining and reverse sear.  If you are at all interested in BBQ and good food I seriously suggest you go and join that group.  Let’s start with preparing the steak.

Dry brining is a way of seasoning your steak to substantially enhance the flavour prior to cooking.  Many chefs would suggest that salting your steak immediately before cooking does virtually nothing to enhance the flavour and you would be better off seasoning it once it’s been served.  This method requires you to salt the steak at least an hour before cooking.  Up to three days according to some.  I chose the more cautious time frame of just 3 hours.   Simply salt the steak generously and place on a wire rack in the fridge for as long as you can wait.  The salt will only draw the moisture out if you don’t leave it long enough but eventually the moisture and flavour should be drawn back into the meat enhancing the meat in the process.  You can tell when this happens because the meat has dried out slightly.  Now you are ready for the next revelation.

Reverse searing is simply the process of bringing your steak to just below the perfect internal cooked temperature and then quickly searing it in a hot pan.  Simple!  To do this effectively you will need a temperature probe of some sort.   If you don’t have one, the Thermapen is a good option because it reads the temperature of the meat very quickly.  There are alternatives available, that’s just what I use.  Preheat your oven to 135c and slowly cook your steak on the rack until it has reached your desired temperature.  The steak should be between 50c for a rare steak and 60c for medium.  Any more and the steak is well done and effectively ruined.  Next get a pan as hot as possible and add a small amount of oil.  Drop your steak in and sear quickly on both sides just to add a little crust.  Don’t forget to add a little pepper at this stage.  This will take barely any time at all so be careful not to overcook it.  If you want to make the steak just that bit more luxurious add a large nob of butter at the end and baste using a rosemary and thyme herb brush.  Remove the steak and it’s ready to eat.  No need to rest because it’s been brought up to temperature slowly in the oven so just tuck in and enjoy!


Doesn’t that look incredible?  Beautifully pink steak from edge to edge every time.  If you give this a go please let me know.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66


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