“New” Camera. Olympus OM10

So I bought a “new” camera a week or two ago.  The Olympus OM10 35mm camera.  I don’t know how many of you still use 35mm film but I can tell you it isn’t too cheap.  Although the camera itself cost me around £60 (can be much less but I liked this tan version) including delivery – the film and developing of that film is quite expensive.  The 35mm film itself can cost £5 – £7 per roll.  I managed to get a pack of 20 for £10 which is pretty excellent considering.  The developing of this film will cost me £5 per 35mm film if I would like it scanned to a CD.  In the future, I plan to purchase my own film scanner saving me money in the long term.  Film developing would then only cost £2.50 per roll.  Still much more expensive than digital photography.

So why would I choose to use this camera?  The Olympus OM10 obviously isn’t new or more advanced than the latest DSLR cameras on sale but I am hoping that it can help improve my photographic ability.  It’s so easy to take hundreds of photographs with digital cameras that I find myself sometimes taking far too many photographs ‘just in case’ and picking the best ones later.  During the week or so I have been using this camera I have noticed myself being more selective about what I photograph.  I am taking time to compose the images and check the angles before shooting.  Admittedly, I haven’t developed any of the photographs I have taken yet.  For all I know they all look really terrible.  Nevertheless, I have enjoyed using the camera.  Something about having to load the film and focus manually etc seems therapeutic.

Give me a week or two and ill let you know how the actual photographs look. If all goes well, expect some food photography on 35mm.

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

One thought on ““New” Camera. Olympus OM10”

  1. I bought this tan version too and just sent off my first roll. I’m ridiculously careless with money so I just paid for processing and 36 prints – I hope some of them are good!


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