Photography and Food

Photography is a big part of my life. I wouldn’t consider myself a phenomenal photographer but It is something that I thoroughly enjoy.  I grew up photographing anything and everything.  From inanimate objects around the house to salt plains in Tunisia and portraits, there wasn’t much I didn’t photograph.  That changed.

 I studied Photographic Art at the University of Newport, South Wales.  I learnt a lot but left university with no desire to photograph anything at all.  It took something that I enjoyed and made it something miserable.  I couldn’t photograph the things I wanted and it sucked the fun out of it completely.  In hindsight, I know I should have persevered and walked away with some valuable skills.  Knowledge that can be applied to my idea of what photography should be.  Instead, I allowed my passion for photography to escape me.

For years after leaving university, I barely photographed anything. Slowly and surely, things have started to change and I find myself picking up the camera more often. There have been two major developments in my life that have inspired me to photograph once more.  First of all, my daughter.  I know what you’re thinking… an endless stream of photographs, 75% of which are of my daughter sprawled all over Facebook and Instagram.  Some people find that irritating, but I don’t care.  Firstly, because I love my daughter.  She means the world to me and anybody who has children will tell you how insanely proud they are of every little thing they do.  Secondly, I was inspired to start taking photographs again.  That is something I am extremely happy about.  The remaining 25% of photographs found on my social media accounts are of food.

As I have grown older and my passion for food has intensified.  I love food.  Street food, barbecued food, gourmet food, it doesn’t matter provided it tastes good! I have grown to be a keen amateur cook and an enthusiastic food photographer.  Two things I love that can be enjoyed together and shared with readers.  My passion for photography has been reignited and I am thrilled about it.

So… for my first photography related post I thought it would be appropriate to share photographs of food & drink.  I hope you have liked what could be the first of many ‘Personal Posts’.  I would love to get some feedback.

Enjoy! 🙂

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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