The Cherry Tree: Jams, Chutneys and Curds.

Recently I had a rather extraordinary trip to Abergavenny with my daughter.  Unusually, it was a very bright and sunny day and I was definitely in the mood to find something great for you guys.  Unfortunately, one of my discoveries was very disappointing.  The other two turned out to be pretty great and in this post I am going to tell you about The Cherry Tree.

This isn’t the kind of thing I expected to blog about to be honest but… why not? Their stall was at the back of Abergavenny Market.  It was only small stall but what caught my eye was the fact I was allowed to try pretty much all that they had to offer.  Some of the options were obviously more unusual.  Pationfruit or raspberry curd etc. I tried a fair few of them and settled on buying just three for now.  Hot Garlic Pickle, Hot Chilli and Carrot Chutney and the Raspberry Curd.


First of all, lets discuss the raspberry curd.  Its the only sweet jar I bought.  It’s hard to describe exactly how it tastes.  I mean it tastes like raspberries, maybe slightly sweeter than normal but it is a curd.  It’s the texture that is most unusual.  I’ve normally only associated that texture with lemon curd but it does taste good.  So far I have just been eating it with a spoon but I will try and find something to use it with.  Any suggestions, please let me know.


The second jar, and the first of the savoury options, is the Hot Chilli and Carrot Chutney.  I thought the best way to try these two was on cheese and crackers and so that’s what I did.  It is hot but not too hot.  It says chutney on the jar but I’m not sure if it’s like any chutney I have ever eaten.  Not that it is at all bad.  The taste was great!  I could see myself using this as an ingredient for something else but I’m not quite sure what.  Nevertheless, it was tasty, full of flavour and I did enjoy it.


Last, but by no means least, was my personal favourite.  The Hot Garlic Pickle.  Actually, this one did taste more like a chutney but I am no expert on pickles and chutneys.  What I do know is that this one tasted absolutely great.  It is not as hot as the Hot Chilli and Carrot Chutney but it does have a kick.  The garlic etc adds a nice sweetness but it does have that kind of tang that you expect from a pickle or a chutney.  Again, I put this on cheese and cracker but I found myself just eating spoonfuls of it.  It’s also pretty fantastic on Elm Tree Foods Pork Pies.


Since buying these from The Cherry Tree’s stall in Abergavenny I have found out that they have people selling their products from small stalls and shops all over the UK.  I would definitely recommend that you have a look at their website and look for a stockist near you.  Their products are great and they have a big selection.  See what takes your fancy.

If you do try something, let me know what you had and what you thought of it.  Would be nice to hear your thoughts.

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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