DEPOT Cardiff Returns!

We can’t get enough of street food in Cardiff.  Only yesterday I posted some news about a brand new event called Street Food Warehouse (which you can read about here) and today I’m bring some more exciting news.

In recent years Cardiff has seen a huge growth in the popularity of street food and for good reason!  Cardiff is really starting to thrive in terms of street food and the growth is showing no signs of slowing down.  It’s a new year and I have been anxiously awaiting news about what we can expect in 2015.

If you don’t already know…. DEPOT is back!

Nicholas Saunders, the man responsible for creating DEPOT has just signed a new lease for the premises and this news has gotten a lot of people very excited.

DEPOT opened it’s doors for the first time in October 2014.  Over 10,000 people visited the warehouse over a 3 month period to eat glorious street food from independent traders such as Hangfire Smokehouse, Dirty Bird, Jols Food Co and more.  If like me, you missed the opportunity to visit DEPOT the first time around.  Don’t make the same mistake and ensure you take the chance this year!

Nick, originally from Liverpool, a Marketing Management Graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University, created DEPOT as a result of his vision for a more creative events space and as an alternative to the existing venues in Cardiff city centre.

Nick Saunders_DEPOT 2

“I have family connections in Cardiff – My dad grew up in Llandaff, before moving to Liverpool, which is why I chose to move here for Uni, but I soon got tired of the nightlife and wanted to create something a bit different” Nick explains.

“Both Cardiff and Liverpool are port cities with a rich cultural history, which I love. Back in Liverpool, there’s an amazing venue called Camp and Furnace where they hold all sorts of cool, creative events, and i saw no reason why Cardiff shouldn’t or couldn’t – have it’s very own version”

“I started looking for an appropriate building to bring this to life, and eventually settled on the Dumballs Road Location due to it’s size, and proximity to the city centre.”

“The day I picked up the keys was so surreal.  The warehouse was still full of junk and dust, and we had to clean everything out by hand.  It took us four days just to paint the floors grey.  We did all of this whilst getting all of the necessary licencing sorted out, which took a lot of time, but we wanted to make sure we did everything properly.”

There were also Screenings of the Autumn International rugby matches, a huge New Year celebration, and a weekly Sunday feast Called ‘Hog n Sparkle’ towards the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015.  DEPOT was certainly a resounding success and I for one can’t wait for it to open its doors again.

Nick continues: “This year, we have big plans for DEPOT, and we want to really go to town with our creative ideas.  Our designers Sian Jenkins and Tim Dickel did a great job of making the warehouse look amazing for our first stint last year – everyone was blown away when they walked in – But there’s so much more we want to do, including putting in new bathrooms and better facilities.”

“In terms of what we have planned next, it could be film screenings, vintage markets, gigs or food festivals; we’re still in the planning stages and open to ideas and pitches from the creative community in Cardiff – but the best is definitely to come.

If you would like to pitch an idea, DEPOT Cardiff would like to hear it.  Email with your suggestion.

So, if like me you can’t wait for this to get going once again – Ill keep you updated with more dates once I have them.  Hopefully, I’ll see you there! 🙂

Visit for more information.

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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