Street Food Warehouse: Cardiff

Street food.  We all love it and the thought of visiting London for the chance to try the extensive range of street food that it has to offer is an exciting one.  Unfortunately, the practicalities of doing that can sometimes make it difficult.  I live in Wales and although I would love to go, travelling to London would be expensive.  For my regular street food fix, it is simply not an option.

For those of you in Wales and in similar circumstances, I have good news!

In recent years Cardiff has seen a massive growth in the popularity of street food.  With events like those arranged by @streetfoodCDF and @DepotCardiff, street food in South Wales and in particular Cardiff is on the rise and it’s getting me excited!  Cardiff is really starting to thrive in terms of street food and the growth is showing no signs of slowing down.

Street Food Warehouse (@StFoodWarehouse) is the newest street food experience set to hit Cardiff this spring.  Street Food Warehouse are promising that the regions best caterers and drinks makers will be there for an incredible 12 weeks starting the 3rd of April.  Offering “a wealth of gastro options, from family classics to spicy hot numbers, alternative eats and bites, as well as UK leading cocktails, fine spirits and craft beers” it certainly sounds like something you don’t want to miss.

The organisers behind Street Food Warehouse have said:

“We all had a bite of inspiration from the popular demand for the outdoor and popup eateries in South Wales and the West; if you mix this with a fantastic fresh liquor and some eclectic music, you get the perfect setting in Cardiff for a dining experience with a unique twist each time.”

“Cardiff is yet to fully experience this, something it needs, not just hungry for. This exclusive weekly event is all about showcasing the amazing gastronomic talent that our region has to offer, in a constantly growing market. It opens up the unique opportunity for caterers to utilise our social media presence and marketing and meet with food lovers to make this a recipe for success,for all to enjoy.”

The “urban chic warehouse venue” is set to be revealed this week and i’ll let you know when I know.  One things for sure… I can’t wait!

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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