“KEYSTONE – Independent art, drink & food all under one roof”

I don’t normally post things like this but since the street food scene is growing and I wish that it continues growing – I think it is important to do my part and help promote this.  I wasn’t asked to post it…. I wanted to and I hope that you might like to help too.

Keystone is just one project that is a part of this growth and they need your help.  In order for Keystone to build a high quality venue without compromising principles they need us, the public, to help fund their Kickstarter campaign and get themselves off the ground.


Who is Keystone?

Keystone was created by Blackjack Brewery, Shebeen Events and GRUB and is intended to be a flexible events space designed to support Manchester’s best independent music, comedy and arts promoters while providing all of their visitors with top quality food and drinks provided by innovative operators.


Why should you help?

Do you like live music, art, film and (most importantly) street food?  Yes!?  Then you should help.  Helping doesn’t mean investing hundreds or thousands of pounds.  Your pledge could be as little as £5 or as much as you can spare.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated I’m sure.  Whether or not you live in Manchester shouldn’t matter.  Our community is not constrained to geographical locations, the internet is a big part of our lives now and our community relies upon it to stay strong and keep everybody connected.  For music, art, film and food we are all prepared to travel because we love it.

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If helping your community grow isn’t enough….  Depending on how much you pledge you will be rewarded by the kind people/organisations behind keystone with fantastic rewards from tickets to the Shebeen Festival to a big sponsorship deal for your independent business.  So lets all get together and help make something brilliant happen!


If you are not already convinced you should definitely read their own pitch on the Kickstarter page because they sell it better than me 🙂  Click Here

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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