Lets Play a Game: ‘Fantasy Restaurant Menu’

A bit of fun today.  Nothing too serious 🙂

Now and again I drift off into my own little world.  My imagination runs wild and the world is for the taking.  Suddenly I can imagine a life where I can make all my dreams come true! Start my own business, write a book, travel the world or cook something so incredible that people queue hours to eat at my restaurant.  Perhaps it’s hope more than anything but I think we all have these moments and it’s great!  At least I hope so or I am starting to sound very strange.  Our imagination makes everything possible so why not right?

Well today I had one of these moments.  It started with me just thinking about what I fancied to eat.  Then I thought about what I might have if I could have anything I liked.  Doesn’t matter where from or who cooked it….  I could ask for it and it would be here.  I had trouble choosing and so I started to think about what it would be like if I could eat all my favourite food, everything I have ever tried and loved or am yet to try in one place.  One unbelievable, mouth watering and perfect restaurant.

Sounds great right?!  I bet your starting to think about what you would choose right now.

Well I have developed this into a kind of ‘Fantasy Football’ of the food world.  ‘Fantasy Restaurant Menu’.  It’s a pretty simple game really.  All you do is use this template (or make your own) to create the ultimate menu.  You can use as many different street food, restaurant, take away, supermarket or any other meals you want to make the menu because it’s fantasy…..  There are no limitations!

Give it a go!  Use the template below or make a list.  It’s just a bit of fun.

Fantasy Menu blank

As an example I have filled one out below.  It’s not an exhaustive list by any means but it does give you an idea.  To make things easier for those of you who have not had a chance to try some of the best places out yet… You are not restricted to places you have been.  I haven’t been to all of the places on the menu below.

Fantasy Menu in progress

So what would your perfect restaurant menu include?  Let me know on here or on twitter @MunchandTattle.  Would be interesting to see how everybody’s ideas differ.

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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