The Stuffed Dormouse: Exotic Meat Kebab

So this is my ‘review’ of the Exotic Meat Kebab from The Stuffed Dormouse in Caerleon.  This was actually a Christmas present to me from a friend.  I can’t say that I have ever tried any of the exotic meats on this menu so it was definitely an experience.

First of all lets have a look at what is on offer:

“We offer various exotic meats including:

Buffalo Steak

Camel Rib-eye

Crocodile Fillet

Llama Steak

Ostrich Steak

Reindeer Fillet

Springbok Steak

Zebra Steak

If you are feeling adventurous you can sample a piece of each of the exotic meats on our famous King-size Skewer.

All of the exotic meats are served with salad and a choice of potatoes.”


(image from The Stuffed Dormouse website)

 Now I admit that this particular item on the menu was more of an experience than a culinary masterpiece.  If I were going to choose something purely for taste, I would have chosen the steak and lobster.  You can choose the cut and size of your steak and the lobster is fresh from a tank where you choose your own lobster.  Can’t get much fresher than that.  When I try that, I will let you know what that is like.  You might be surprised to discover that steak and lobster would have been a bit cheaper than this skewer.  At £25.95, I probably wouldn’t order it again.  The rest of the menu seemed brilliant and I look forward to returning to the restaurant and trying more of the tasty looking food.

Lets talk about what you get with this meal – I ordered the skewer (obviously) which comes with a side salad and a choice of potatoes.  I ordered chips.  The salad was something like rocket dressed with balsamic vinegar.  Nothing more.  Based on what I have found on other reviews and the image above, it usually comes with more than that but I didn’t particularly mind – I came for the meat.  The chips were good and you definitely got enough of them.  Then…. the star of the show.  A tall tower of meat that looked very inviting.  I couldn’t wait to dig in.  I didn’t know whether to leave the skewer standing or take it down.  I left it standing and started from the bottom up through the list of meats.  That way seemed more fun than taking everything off and eating it like regular steak.

I won’t describe every one of the meats because most of them were fairly similar and you should try them for yourself.  If I am honest – none of them were as good as a good beef steak but a couple came close.  My favourite from the skewer was the reindeer.  It was full of flavour, tender and everything that you would want from your favourite beef steak. Buffalo was a close second because it didn’t quite have the same flavour intensity and zebra wasn’t bad either.  The crocodile was a strange one because it was unlike any of the others. The closest thing I can think to compare it to would be a meaty squid perhaps?  I can’t say I have really eaten anything similar but it wasn’t bad.  One or two  of the meats were not as good in my opinion.  Camel for instance was extremely chewy.  I am uncertain whether or not this was because of the way it was prepared or just a quality of the meat.  I did ask that all the meat (where possible) was cooked medium-rare.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have.

In conclusion, the Exotic Meat Kebab is great as a novelty meal.  Go with some friends or family and have a laugh, discuss whilst you try each meat.  Compare each one, disagree about which one you believe is the best and enjoy the time you spend together.  I doubt that anybody who has tried this meal ordered it because it would be best meal they had ever tasted – but because they could say, “I ate Rudolph”.

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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