Sunday Round Up: A Summary of the Past Weeks Blogs (07/12/14)

I know that everyone is busy during the week and many of you might not get to check your social media accounts until the weekend.  This is why I have created this ‘Sunday Round Up’ so that you will never have to miss a blog again!



Monday I ‘Reviewed’ the Flat Iron Steak Pizza from Frankie and Bennys.  “A part of me nearly didn’t post this review because Frankie and Bennys is a national chain.  I feel as though most of the people who write and read food blogs like mine only want to hear about the independent restaurants and food stalls/vans.  The ones people haven’t always heard about.  For the most part, I am the same.  There are countless reviews of Frankie and Bennys restaurants by bloggers and writers much more accomplished and respected than me.  Not many people would read this and not already know about Frankie and Bennys pizza. I like to read and write about the less well known restaurants and street food but I also want to write about any and all food that I enjoy.”  So here it is.


Tuesday I posted two blogs.  Cooking: Burger Time! and Book Review: Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food.  

Homemade burger

For the first blog, “I decided that I want to make the best burger possible in my own home.  Inspired by The Beefy Boys (@TheBeefyBoys) and my recent visit to Sawyers Bar and Grill (@Sawyersmagor) I gave it a go. I believe that I am competent enough in the kitchen to make a burger.  With the knowledge gained scrolling through Twitter recently, I should know how a good burger should look and taste.”  Read more.

Comfort Food

In the second blog, I reviewed Jamie Olivers new book Comfort Food.  “Most of Jamie Oliver’s (or any celebrity chef) cook books are conscious about promoting healthy eating.  While I think that people shouldn’t be encouraged to eat unhealthily, I do believe people chefs should release more books like this.  ‘Comfort Food’ gets me excited about cooking and eating which is important.  The food looks incredible and I get excited about every recipe.” Read More.



Wednesday I posted a very popular ‘review’ of ‘Sawyers Bar and Grill’ in Magor.  “Sawyers Bar and Grill only opened it’s doors on 22nd of August, 2014 and I didn’t wait long to have a go.  Sawyers bar and Grill is really the only place in Newport serving this type of food.  Nowhere else can you get slow cooked ribs that aren’t tiny, tough or microwaved.  So naturally, I was extremely excited to try them.  I reviewed both the ribs and the pulled pork burger from Sawyers Bar and Grill.”


Thursday you didn’t miss a thing because no blog was posted.  Don’t panic!



Friday I posted a blog ‘Reviewing’ Nicholls Abergavenny: Butterflied Chicken Breast, Stilton Sauce and Seasonal Vegetables.  “This is not the type of food that I will normally ‘review’ on this blog.  However, if I feel as though something I eat is worth the mention I will definitely tell you about it.  What might surprise you is the fact Nicholls, Abergavenny is actually a shop selling good quality jewellery, clothing and homeware.  The website describes the space at the back serving food as a ‘Coffee Shop’.  It is not open evenings but with a decent sized menu serving very good quality food it is not like any other Coffee Shop I have visited.”

I hope that you have enjoyed this Sunday Round Up of this weeks blogs.  It might help you catch the things that you have missed or at least pick out the ones that you want to read.  If you want to see me blog about anything in particular or review a particular restaurant, street food or book, next week or anytime in the future…  Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to include it.

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland

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