Cooking: Burger Time!

A couple of days ago I decided that I want to make the best burger possible in my own home.  Inspired by The Beefy Boys (@TheBeefyBoys) and my recent visit to Sawyers Bar and Grill @Sawyersmagor (review here) I gave it a go. I believe that I am competent enough in the kitchen to make a burger.  With the knowledge gained scrolling through Twitter recently, I should know how a good burger should look and taste.

I knew that there were a few things I definitely needed in my perfect burger – besides the obvious.  Gherkins, Cheese and a good sauce.  I set off and searched the supermarket for the best ingredients I could get without breaking the bank.  Along the way I did get sidetracked and found Jamie Oliver’s new book ‘Comfort Food‘.  It was wrapped in plastic so I couldn’t open the book but on the back cover was the picture of a really… REALLY… good looking burger (pictured below).


That does look incredible!

Without looking at the recipe, I decided to add a few of the ingredients I thought I could see to my basket.

When I got home I did not wait to get started.  The pan was on the heat with a little olive oil and ready for the meat.  First, I softened the red onions.  Seasoned with a little salt, pepper and a squeeze of garlic puree and put to one side.  Then I got on with business.  Two thick, lean, beef patties sizzling in the pan, I was already getting ridiculously excited.  I was conscious that they were pretty thick so once they were browned, I turned the heat down and covered them.  I regularly basted them in their own meaty juices and added a little water if necessary so that they didn’t dry up.  I think this was the advantage of using a frying pan.  I don’t think the burgers would have been nearly as good without the regular beefy basting.

Whilst the burgers were cooking I prepared the other elements.  I sliced two gherkins, halved the buns and toasted them in a regular toaster.  I also got the coleslaw ready (bought not home made unfortunately) and the sauce.

Once the burgers were almost done, I returned the onions to the pan, put two slices of mozzarella on the burgers and let it melt.  Once the buns were toasted I pressed them into the meaty juices for a few seconds just to soak up the tasty juices and started plating up.

On the Bottom half of the bun I placed a spoonful of coleslaw.  I was initially dubious about this idea of coleslaw in a burger but it turned out to be essential.  I then placed the cheesy burgers on top.  Above them I placed some onions, gherkins and a big squirt of the sauce.  I do admit… I did not make the sauce myself.  I am not trying to re-invent the burger here but I did want to make a great burger at home without breaking the bank and within a reasonable amount of time.  The sauce I used was Colemans Chunky Burger Sauce and I don’t think I could make a better sauce anyway.

I then placed the top half of the bun on the burger and tucked in!


Now I know that this photograph doesn’t really do it justice.  I don’t have my camera at the moment so this was taken on my phone.  As frustrating as that may be.  I still needed to show you what I made.

My verdict?  I loved it!  Of course I might be biased but it was probably the best burger I’ve had in a long time.  Granted, until recently I haven’t often ordered burgers when I go out for food, primarily because the places I visited made bad burgers.  I’m certain that I will eat many burgers much better than this one in the future.

If I do try and make this again I would probably use the more trendy brioche bun and make my own coleslaw.  I might even add some bacon!

If you want to make it you can but I don’t claim this recipe as my own.  I merely attempted to imitate some of the best burgers I’ve seen and have a good burger at home.

Do you have your own recipe for a burger that you cook at home?  Let me know.  I might just try it out 🙂

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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