Book Review: Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food.

If I am honest, calling this a review would be unfair.  I don’t know whether the book is well written and I don’t plan on going into detailed analysis of the entire book.  All I can say is whether or not the food looks good.  It’s more of a shout out!  I like the book and if you like tasty food… You should definitely take a look.

Most of Jamie Oliver’s (or any celebrity chef) cook books are conscious about promoting healthy eating.  While I think that people shouldn’t be encouraged to eat unhealthily, I do believe chefs should release more books like this.  ‘Comfort Food’ gets me excited about cooking and eating which is important.  The food looks incredible and I get excited about every recipe.

IMG_20141202_205617 - Copy


 Most, if not all, of the recipes were also part of a TV series by Jamie Oliver named ‘Comfort Food’ which is well worth the watch if you can find it.  I believe it is still available on 4OD.

I would like to name a few of the stand out recipes just to get you interested.  For all of you BBQ and street food lovers I have no doubt you will love the ‘Insanity Burger‘, which inspired my own burger creation.  I haven’t made this burger but I did make something similar and if you just look, you can tell its unbelievable.


Another excellent looking recipe is the Chicken Shawrama.  A massive barbecued chicken skewer packed with flavour and it just looks insane!  It is covered in all sorts of spices.  From fennel seeds, cumin seeds and coriander seeds to paprika and even peanut butter!  I can imagine cooking that and everyone carving bits off into wraps and just loving it.  It sounds awesome and I’m sure you will agree it looks great.

  IMG_20141202_205743 - Copy

 Even the chips have their own page.  The chips are cooked twice… in beef dripping!

IMG_20141202_205714 - Copy

If you love indulgent and comforting food like this then I 100% recommend you run to your nearest shop selling books and buy this one immediately.

Personally, I can’t wait to try the next recipe and if you are anything like me… neither will you.

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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