Frankie and Bennys: Flat Iron Steak Pizza

Today I am ‘reviewing’ the Flat Iron Steak Pizza from Frankie and Bennys.  A part of me nearly didn’t post this review because Frankie and Bennys is a national chain also responsible for Chiquitos and Garfunkel’s Restaurants to name a couple.  I feel as though most of the people who write and read food blogs like mine only want to hear about the independent restaurants and food stalls/vans.  The ones people haven’t always heard about.

For the most part, I am the same.  There are countless reviews of Frankie and Bennys restaurants by bloggers and writers much more accomplished and respected than me.  Not many people would read this and not already know about Frankie and Bennys pizza. I like to read and write about the less well known restaurants and street food but I also want to write about any and all food that I enjoy.  So here it is.



Succulent sliced steak and mozzarella on our special red onion chutney topped
base. Garnished with fresh spring onion and watercress.”

At first I was dubious about the idea of steak on a pizza.  They were not little pieces of reformed ‘beef’ like you get on some pizzas.  They were proper slices of steak.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The steak was cooked exactly how I would like it.  It was seasoned well, Pink in the middle and not tough at all.  The base of the pizza was thin and crispy, just how pizza should be, not too much bread.  The onion chutney had a big sweet, tangy flavour and the mozzarella helped calm it down a little.  The watercress and spring onion added a little texture and freshness to the pizza, which was needed.

I really enjoyed eating this pizza.  I would definitely recommend that you try it.  The only criticism I have is the onion chutney gets slightly overpowering by the time you finish the pizza.

I also ordered a side of Cheesy Bacon fries.  Regular fries coated in jalapeño cheese dip and bacon pieces.  I enjoyed the fries primarily because they were slathered in the spicy cheese dip.  For starters I ordered and the Double Dip Dough balls served with both garlic dip and a jalapeño cheese dip, which are great.

I know with these types of restaurants the standards can vary but generally I do enjoy most of the meals I eat at Frankie and Bennys.  I hope that you enjoy this pizza just as much as I did and if you do try this pizza, let me know what you think 🙂

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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