Can Anything Beat the Great Full English Breakfast?

Just recently I made myself the best Full English Breakfast I have ever tasted.  I know that sounds unlikely to you, but I believe everyone makes the best Full English Breakfast, in their own opinion.  Only you know how you like it and nothing else quite steps up to the mark.  Despite there being a massive selection out there for alternatives, most people still choose the Full English Breakfast when they want to indulge.

This had me wondering, is there anything out there that can really rival the great Full English Breakfast?

(Generic picture of English Breakfast by Jeremy T. Hetzel, Some rights reserved)

There are many types of breakfast that I enjoy.  To name a few, the simple bacon or sausage butty, breakfast muffins, breakfast bagels and much more.  Cereal or anything like this tastes alright, but it is by no means my go to choice for a good breakfast, and it certainly would not be considered indulgent.

I won’t answer the question in this blog, but I wanted to put the question out there and see what response I get.  I see this more as a series so that I can let you know when I find something that comes close or maybe even beats the Full English.

Today is just the beginning but so that we can get the ball rolling and look at some tasty food – I will offer you just one alternative to the Full English Breakfast today.  The breakfast muffin by  Although I am yet to try this, I am definitely eager to when I next visit London.


(Photograph by Tom @HonestBurgers)

It looks incredible!  If you have tried it please let me know what it was like.  Is it better than the Full English Breakfast?

If you have any suggestions for a delicious breakfast you think I just have to try – please, let me know!

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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