The Beginning of The Munch and Tattle

Welcome to The Munch and Tattle.

This is not going to be a review of any kind.  Before I jump in and post any reviews I want to make sure the photographs of the food I review are great (I am also a photographer) and I want to make sure that everything is well written.  I will however tell you a little about myself and my intentions.

My aim is to try as much food as I can and write a review about it all.  Good or bad!  I like trying new things and it makes sense to write about it and let everyone else know what it was like.  In particular, I hope to find some of the less well known treasures of the culinary world and bring them to your attention.

Now and again I might blog about other food related topics.  Expect blog posts discussing places I would like to visit, recommendations of other blogs and maybe even a review of a food related book.  I also love cooking and so you should probably expect to see a couple of blog posts where I have attempted to create my own culinary inventions inspired by the masterpieces I have already reviewed.

If nothing else,  this is a great excuse for me to eat the food I love!

For now, I just wanted to take this opportunity and welcome you to my food blog.  It’s my first, so be kind.

Thank you and enjoy!

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Written by Tomos Newland-Jones @MrNewland66

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